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Store and Donation Locations in Kansas

Savers Thrift Stores in Kansas are in the business of providing good things and doing good deeds for the good of everyone. From outfitting shoppers to supporting nonprofits to keeping the earth more earthy, we'll make you think twice about thrift. Our shelves are stocked with tens of thousands of unique treasures that arrive every day – for nearly every room of your house. Vintage lovers, family folks, fashionistas, bookworms, sports nuts, bargain hunters and more love our selection and prices.

But we take things one step further by supporting nonprofits throughout Kansas. Those jeans you never wear, that china you never use, the garage packed with stuff – donate it to local nonprofits at any Savers store in Kansas , and you'll be supporting the programs and services of terrific organizations that change people's lives.

Whether you're shopping for a one-of-a-kind find or donating to nonprofits at Savers thrift stores in Kansas,you're saying yes to Planet Earth, too, by giving goods a second life instead of one in a landfill. Last year alone, Savers repurposed more than 650 million pounds of goods – that's the weight of over 3,000 commercial airplanes. Check out your local Savers thrift store in Kansas and discover the store that specializes in doing good on every scale imaginable.

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